Where are all the books on FHIR?

On every FHIR project I’ve worked on, there have been devs new to FHIR. I wanted to point them to the “FHIR for Developers” book, but it doesn’t exist.

Twenty years ago I learned PHP and MySQL from a well structured 700 page book over the course of a week.

I then spent two months using what I’d learned to build an eCommerce site from scratch. That site ran successfully for 15 years.

Ten years ago I learned C# over the course of a few days from an equally lengthy and equally well structured book.

I then spent three months building an application in C#. That app is still selling.

Two years ago I was tasked with building a new healthcare application using FHIR.

I went looking for a book.

There were no books.

No books on how to build an application using FHIR. How can that be?

When I searched on Amazon there were a couple of high level books on “Health Interoperability” and “Health Informatics.”

But there were no books for developers working with FHIR. There still aren’t.

After 10 years, why don’t they exist?



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