Improve the quality of your FHIR data by using these 5 resources

We’re all familiar with the 20 or so FHIR resources we use regularly. But how many of us know about these general purpose resources?

You can work with FHIR for months or even years and have little knowledge of — or exposure to — resource types your app doesn’t use.

Here are 5 multi-purpose resource types that can add real value to your data and to your app.

Meta data about your resources.
Useful to store who did what, to which resources, and when they did it.

Connect two or more resources that refer to the same real world entity or occurrence.
Ideal for flagging duplicates.

Similar to linkage. Used to connect the same person who exists across different resources:
Patient, Practitioner and RelatedPerson.

A curated list of resources from a specific point in time.
Ideal for storing current or historic lists of resources such as a Patient’s AllergyIntolerances.

An audit trail of activity.
Great for storing data about access and login requests.

Does your app make use of any of these resources? Or are they new to you and to your devs?

It might be time to take a closer look.



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