How do you store a list of FHIR resources?

A curated list of Medications made at a specific point-in-time by a Practitioner while treating a cancer patient.

Claudia Cardot visits her oncologist every three months for a review of her medication.

Her doctor reviews her condition, along with her most recent blood works, and makes changes to the cocktail of drugs she’s on — all aimed at keeping the cancer at bay.

He calls up her patient record and examines the past three Lists of Medication resources — each one similar to the last but slightly different.

He decides to remove a couple of drugs that do not appear to be working and add another. He changes the status of the old List to ‘retired’ and saves the new List with a status of ‘current’, and sends Claudia on her way.

Each historic List of Medications is connected to an Encounter the doctor had with Claudia, and shows the cocktail of drugs she was prescribed at that particular encounter.

This allows the doctor to quickly and easily review her medication history over time, and improves the care he provides to Claudia.

FHIR’s List resource is versatile and can be used to store resources of any type.

More about the List resource:



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