Are you looking for a cloud FHIR solution for your new app?

The devil is often in the detail. Here’s what Microsoft Azure brings to the table alongside their R4 FHIR servers.

The list below outlines the key ‘extras’ that come with Azure’s offering.

1. Multiple FHIR servers in a single workspace
Perfect for Dev, Staging and Production environments.

2. Smart on FHIR integration
Not quite out-of-the-box, but close enough.

3. Versioning by resource type
You choose which resource types to version.

4. EventGrid integration
Azure’s alternative to FHIR subscriptions.

5. DICOM servers in the same workspace
Create one or more DICOM servers alongside your FHIR server.

6. Medtech service integration in the same workspace
Ingest medical device data, transform it and store it in FHIR.

7. Infrastructure as code
Script the creation and update of all FHIR and workspace services.

I’ve used almost all of the above on more than one project.

It’s not a complete solution. You’ll find gaps that need the occasional workaround, but Azure’s combined offering ticks most of the boxes.

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