How do you convert HL7 messages to FHIR?

Without paying for third party software. Without needing to run a manual process. Here’s how.

A few years ago Microsoft released an open source project for converting HL7 or CDA to FHIR bundles. It has an MIT license — free to use, even for commercial apps.

The project contains a command line utility for bulk conversion, and also comes with C# code libraries that you can build right into your app.

Here it is:

The converter uses a template approach, which means you can customize the conversion process by altering the liquid template files for each message type.

It’s regularly updated.

It generates bundles of resources that use PUT requests rather than POSTs.

The GUID ids for each resource use identifiers inside the HL7 message as seed values, so updates as well as inserts are easily managed.

While a tech savvy individual can work out how to use the command line tool, it requires a developer to incorporate it into your app for real time use.

Highly recommended! And better than any commercial offering I’ve tried.



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