5 open source FHIR projects from Microsoft

There’s a gap in the FHIR documentation.

It’s great for students. It’s filled with detail. But it doesn’t offer much in the way of guidance or insights into building real-world, fully-fledged solutions.

If that’s what you’re looking for, take a look at what the FHIR team at Microsoft are doing.

Here are 5 open source projects they’ve made available to help you ‘productionize’ your FHIR project.

1. Azure Health Data Services Toolkit
A complete C# project that demonstrates how to build caching, middleware channels, and custom operations for your FHIR server.

2. Convert HL7 messages to FHIR
A command line tool that converts HL7 messages to FHIR R4. It uses customizable liquid templates for the mapping and can be built into a C# project.

3. Microsoft’s own open source FHIR server
I use a Docker instance of this on my PC every day. The open source code is the same codebase as Microsoft’s production FHIR servers. Invaluable.
Docker instance: https://hub.docker.com/_/microsoft-healthcareapis-r4-fhir-server

4. Smart on FHIR integration with Azure FHIR
It’s not quite out-of-the-box but it gets you started on building Smart on FHIR into your solution.

5. FHIR and DICOM data anonymization
I’m testing this right now against some Synthea bundles. It looks good so far — I’ll post on my progress next week.

These are not student projects.

Expect to spend a day or two looking into each one. If you’re a solution architect or lead developer, it’s time well spent.



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