Sarah joins the team working on a C# project that uses FHIR

She’s used to working with SQL Server but has no experience with FHIR or with healthcare data.

What does she need to understand to be productive in the first week?

Does she really need to know about profiles, Implementation Guides, slicing, Smart on FHIR, and extensions before she can pick up a simple user story?

Thankfully, no.

If she knows a little about each of the items below, she’ll be ahead of the curve and writing valuable code within a few days.

– GET and POST requests using Postman or Insomnia
– Making a request using an SDK
– Building simple search queries
– Using the _include and _revInclude query parameters
– Resource references — how FHIR resources link to each other
– A basic understanding of 5-10 FHIR resource types
– The structure of a simple Codeable Concept
– What a terminology reference means: http: // / sct | 390906007

That’s more than enough for Sarah to get started and to deliver real value to the project.

Don’t get disheartened by the complexities of FHIR. Start small.



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