FHIR’s Flag resource is under used but incredibly useful

A patient arrives at a hospital, suffering and in pain. She can’t say much.

A nurse pulls up her records and immediately sees an alert on the screen.

The alert says the patient is allergic to latex gloves.

Without digging in to the patient’s extensive records, the nurse is able to warn the doctor before the examination begins.

This a sample use case for FHIR’s Flag resource and illustrates how helpful it can be. It’s designed to draw attention to something connected to the patient that should be seen immediately.

6 other reaource types can be the subject of a Flag resource:

– Location
– Organization
– Practitioner
– PlanDefinition
– Medication
– Procedure

But — be careful not to over use Flags. Their effectiveness lies in their rarity.

More about Flag: http://hl7.org/fhir/R4/flag.html



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