FHIR in action — a sample resource mapping

A patient visits their doctor suffering from a chesty cough.

After a brief examination involving listening to the patient’s chest, taking a BP reading, and discussing symptoms, the doctor diagnoses a chest infection and prescribes a short course of antibiotics.

What does that visit look like in FHIR?

  • Patient
  • Practitioner [the doctor]
  • PractitionerRole [the doctor’s position]
  • Organization [the clinic or surgery]
  • Location
  • Appointment [the appointment time]
  • Encounter [triggered when the patient arrives at the surgery]
  • Observation [for storing the BP readings & chest findings]
  • Condition [the diagnosis]
  • Medication [the drug prescribed]
  • MedicationRequest [the prescription]

All that for a simple GP visit.

Full list of FHIR R4 resources: http://hl7.org/fhir/R4/resourcelist.html



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