Are you the FHIR dev on your team?

Do yourself a favor and become familiar with the FHIR chat forum.

It’s a Q&A message board populated by FHIR users from around the world.

Some are experts. Some are novices. Most are somewhere in between.

I’ve asked questions there many times, usually when I can’t find the answer in the FHIR documentation, or when that same documentation is too vague to be much use.

I always got an answer that helped.

It wasn’t always the answer I wanted, but that’s FHIR for you.

The forum is a little like Stack Overflow.

And like Stack Overflow, the answers you get are only as good as the question you ask and the way you ask it.

Do your own research first. Document a few approaches to the problem. Then ask the question, outlining what you think the best approach might be.

You’ll get an answer or two within an hour or so. And if it’s a particularly difficult question, one of the regulars will attempt to pull in someone who has more expertise.

But remember — everyone on the forum is giving their time and expertise for free. Don’t abuse it.



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