What are the key business advantages of using FHIR?

Commercial entities are often not part of the ongoing FHIR conversation, but they most certainly are a big part of its user base — bigger than most of us realize.

“Patient outcomes” aside, how do you sell FHIR?

1. FHIR makes the data conversation easier: “We’re using FHIR.”
It’s an open standard that most healthcare organizations are already working with or familiar with. As a conversation starter, it doesn’t get any better.

2. FHIR answers the interoperability question
Sharing data — especially patient data — is what FHIR is all about. Other organizations and businesses, no matter where in the world they are, can understand YOUR data and send you THEIR data.

3. FHIR often ticks the regulatory compliance checkbox
Depending on the country or region you operate in, using FHIR may be a legal requirement. The number of countries where regulations mandate FHIR usage is growing. By choosing FHIR, you’re either complying with these regulations or future proofing your application.

4. FHIR will get your sales and marketing teams on board
There’s nothing like walking into a meeting with a potential customer knowing you can address all or most of their difficult questions. FHIR ticks so many of these boxes.

5. FHIR Implementation Guides make your data model stronger
National Implementation Guides cross organizational boundaries, as do specialized IGs that deal with data security, procedure types, even individual illnesses such as cancer. By building your data model around these guides, your organization benefits from the work and experience of countless others around the world.

6. FHIR is inclusive
Your organization can choose to lead the way in shaping the FHIR standard in your area. All you have to do is connect with others and start doing the work. The community is waiting for people and organizations to step up.

Please leave a comment if I missed anything.



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