Introducing Vanya — FHIR Data Viewer

My first FHIR project was 3 years ago.

A week into the project I asked “Is there a desktop client I can use to access FHIR?”

I was looking for something like DbVisualizer or SQL Server Management Studio.

Of course the answer was no. Every developer on the team was using Postman —a generic API tool.

They were running queries and browsing JSON results every time they wrote a few lines of code. All to see if their data went into FHIR correctly.

This is where the idea for Vanya came from.

– I wanted a tool that allowed me to quickly see various resources I updated
– I wanted a tool that didn’t insist I read 1,000s of lines of JSON
– I wanted a tool that was user friendly during demos

Vanya is very much a work-in-progress. But it’s a valuable tool for developers working with FHIR right now.

Last week I released the Mac version. It’s been available for Windows for some time.

In the video above I give a brief overview and demo of the app. I hope you get as much value from it as I do.

You can download Vanya here:
And there’s a Q&A forum here:

Feedback is very welcome! 🙂



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