Installing Microsoft’s FHIR server — links

The links below are referenced from the video in this post:

Below are the links and commands to install and run the Microsoft FHIR server.

Step 1. Download and install Docker Desktop

Step 2. Windows Powershell or Mac Terminal commands
Command 1: Pull the Docker image
docker pull

Command 2: Create the FHIR network
docker network create fhir_network

Command 3: Run SQL Server
docker run --net fhir_network --name fhir_sql -e SA_PASSWORD=ZB6rn4PWCRvAte4? -e ACCEPT_EULA="Y" -d

Command 4: Run the FHIR API
docker run --net fhir_network -e FhirServer__Security__Enabled="false" -e SqlServer__ConnectionString="Server=tcp:fhir_sql,1433;Initial Catalog=FHIR;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=sa;Password=ZB6rn4PWCRvAte4?;MultipleActiveResultSets=False;Connection Timeout=30; Encrypt=false;" -e SqlServer__AllowDatabaseCreation="true" -e SqlServer__Initialize="true" -e SqlServer__SchemaOptions__AutomaticUpdatesEnabled="true" -e DataStore="SqlServer" -p 8080:8080 -d azure-fhir-api

Step 3. Download some test data
Look for the “1K Sample Synthetic Patient Records, FHIR R4”

Step 4: Download and install Postman

Step 5: Download and install Vanya


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