Decisions about FHIR are not only technical decisions

They can affect all parts of your organization, from sales and marketing, to legal and compliance, to tech and support.

Here a few things non-techies should know about FHIR.

1. Government regulations play a big part

FHIR versions, Implementation Guides, access control, auditing, terminologies — regulatory agencies and laws can dictate all or some of these.

Your organization needs to know about regulations in these areas and ensure you’re handling them correctly. Don’t assume your devs will!

2. Different countries, different rules

If you’re building and selling your app or solution across multiple countries, do you know ALL the regulations that apply — in each country, and in each region of each country?

3. FHIR versions are not backwards compatible

Choose your FHIR version with care — you’ll be using it for a long while. 1 and 2 above may play a part in which version you choose. This should NOT be a technical decision!

You need developers to implement your FHIR strategy — to write the code and build the apps — but you shouldn’t be expecting them to make all the decisions.

Many FHIR decisions are not technical at all, and the wrong decision can have a huge and long lasting impact on your organization.



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