6 quick and easy FHIR queries filled with value

If you’re new to FHIR or your team is new to FHIR, show your expertise by using one of these simple queries.

1. Tell me how many resources match my query

2. Only give me resource elements where the summary flag is set to true

3. Give me every resource that concerns a particular patient

4. Give me every resource that concerns a particular Encounter

5. Give me the Capability Statement for the FHIR server

6. Tell me which FHIR versions are supported by the server
Postman only (this query won’t work in a browser): https://server.fire.ly/$versions

Not all parameters and operations are supported by all FHIR servers, so I’ve used the HAPI test server to illustrate most of the above.

Did I miss any simple queries? Please post below with an example if you think I did.



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