The Tuesday FHIR Sessions

My first FHIR post on LinkedIn was late December last year.

There’s been one hundred and ten posts, many many comments and re-shares, and some very encouraging messages from so many of you.

LinkedIn is great for posting nugget sized bites of information: quick refreshers on FHIR concepts, a link into the documentation, a summary of an open source project.

Next week I’m going to change that up a little. On top of my LinkedIn posts I’ll be writing a weekly email that goes deep on a single FHIR topic.

Every Tuesday, one email will go out to everyone who signs up. A different FHIR topic each week.

You can sign up to “The Tuesday FHIR Sessions” here:

Next Tuesday’s email will be all about Extensions. I’ll be focusing on the issues I had with Extensions over the past couple of years, and sharing the answers I found.

One email every week.

I won’t share your email address with anyone.

Love to have you join me for this new chapter!



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